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The Kutamani Foundation

Aspiring dreams, Inspiring Futures

Supporting Teachers at the grassroots

In Tanzania, only 8% of grade two pupils could read properly...

As a result, millions of children are forced to drop out, and only 3.2% of all children make it to their final two years of schooling... A lack of quality Teaching and Education is the key contributor to children being forced out of school.

Mission and Vision

When we met Teacher Glory, she was working in a small, grassroots school, in an underprivileged area, as a Teacher. Despite each day, showing up and working to give as many children as she could, a fair education, she was under-qualified and did not possess the skills to manage a class of 40+ children. The learning environment was not capable of supporting 40+ children, there were little to no resources, and Teacher Glory had no access to training or support services.


The Kutamani Foundation is a small Non-Profit organisation, which works to provide equal access to quality education for children affected by poverty in East Africa. Our programs aim to provide professional development and support for the 60% of underqualified grassroot teachers, working in schools around Tanzania.  


For every teacher we support, that has the ability to impact over 60 students.


Lucy Obod, Founder and Director of The Kutamani Foundation

"Tanzania is a part of the world which completely transformed my life. After spending 3 years working on educational based projects, we quickly learnt that the key challenges facing education, was not a lack of schools, but a lack of quality education being provided to disadvantaged children. We have established this organisation to tackle the root cause of the problems facing equal access to education in Tanzania, and by supporting the amazing grassroots level teachers within their own schools, we can help them transform education and poverty in their own communities. We support them in being the key drivers of change."

What do our projects look like?

Run monthly Professional Development Workshops, where underqualified Teachers get ongoing access to training, seminars and courses. All workshops are tailored to be relevant to the local culture, community and available resources.
Having 100% of donations going directly
Run a 'Professional Learning Communities' program which encourages teachers to work together in teams to improve student learning, and to drive their own professional development with other local educators
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Giving schools and teachers ongoing access to classroom resources, story books, text books and computers through a 'mobile library' that delivers on a bi-weekly basis.
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Lets change the face of development...

Our program has the capacity to support 200 teachers every year. That can transform education for over 7,000 children every year!

Join our family and lets change the face of development, by putting those we support in the drivers seat of change. Support education through those who have the biggest influence on change, the local teachers, at the grassroots.

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Where does your donation go?

Annually, our approximate budget is AUD $15,000. That's all it takes to support and train 200 teachers, impacting over 7,000 children. As a small voluntary organisation, 100% of every donation goes directly into the project!

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