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Meet the Team

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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Lucy Obod

Director, Co-founder, Chairman

Lucy first got involved, falling in love with Tanzania on her first solo trip abroad, at age 18. She volunteered in childcare, and after quickly realizing she would not be of many benefits in the classroom, given her in-experience, she turned her attention towards working alongside the project to buy land and build the 2 classroom school. 


3 years later, and 3 lengthy trips later, her acquired knowledge and passion for her work in Tanzania, has allowed her to pursue the foundation, working hard to ensure both programs are carefully constructed so they can be successful. 


Lucy is based on the Gold Coast, and is also at Griffith University, studying a Bachelor of Government and International Relations.


"One constant which always remains when learning about the differences in culture overseas, learning about ‘good development’ and working on non for profit based projects, is that education will always remain perhaps the most important element of any society"

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