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Training Materials

Below are a range of attached documents and links, which will support you in your training

What is PLC? 'Collaboration initiative'

All Things PLC Website

This is a US based website, which has information on PLC, which is what our 'collaboration' initiative is loosely based off. You can find factual information, supporting matereals and more here, which we can adapt for the program :

What is PLC powerpoint

This PowerPoint will be used in the introduction sessions for new teams, joining our 'collaboration initiative. It explains the benefits of professional learning community teams and how they work.

How will we operate 'Collaboration'

This PowerPoint is for the use of foundation members only. It explains how we as a foundation, will operate the 'Collaboration' initiative, from a management perspective

Team meeting guide #1

This is the rough meeting guide, which will direct new teams in the first session as a PLC/Teaching Team. It is designed to kickstart them in their work together

Team meeting guide #2

This is a meeting guide for the second team session, which follows on from the first meeting guide. It continues to help new teams establish their overall goals

Team meeting guide #3

This guide follows on from the first two meetings, and asks the teams to establish clear smart goals which they will use as a focus point over the year. This is designed to kickstart them in creating action plans together, based on what areas they want to focus on first in the classroom.

Action plan template

This is a document, which teams can continually use throughout the year, if they choose to, which is a clear action plan template. This plan allows the team to pick a focus point and plan what steps they will take in the classroom to reach the goal set out in the plan. Each team would generally use multiple of these templates throughout the year for different focus points. 

Action plan filled out example

This is just an example of the action plan guide filled out. It just shows how another school used the guide and the types of things which were included.

Run sheet for new teams

This is just a simple run sheet, which can be given to teachers who are wanting to form their own PLC/Teaching team. It is a simple form where they can gather the information of those they want to form a team with.

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