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Corporate Sponsorships

We are a small organisation with big plans! 100% of your donations and support, goes directly into our school project. By supporting us, you are providing education to children who may otherwise go without, and education is the most important gift you can give. We can not educate the entire world yet, but we can start small, and ensure a group of beautiful children are able to grow up, and provide for their families, leading to long term development in the community as a whole.

Why become a corporate sponsor?

By supporting The Kutamani Foundation, you'll send a message to your local community about your commitment to end poverty and to give each child a real chance at a future. You will be showing a clear support for grassroot projects, lead by individuals in the local community. Such a collaboration will compliment your existing brand values, enhances your image, and provides a platform to increase the positive community perception and credibility of your business. You will also be tapping into an even wider range of potential customers and clients in the local area, which will go on to provide support to you and your business.

Sponsorship packages

View the details of our sponsorship packages available for businesses wanting to support grassroot projects, and grow their philanthropic image!

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To become an official Kutamani Foundation Sponsor, and to give many more children a chance at a bright future, please sign up below!

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