Give our School Land this Christmas,

and give an honorary title to friends and family

Why buy a plot

  • By supporting our goal of raising only $4,000 to invest in a space, which will be educating 60+ pre-primary aged children, along with Teachers!

  • You will be allowing us to immediately start providing free education to 60+ pre-primary aged children, who are currently out of school.

  • You will be giving children a chance to play, restoring daily lunches for many children who are now missing out on their only form of nutrition, and your giving children a fair chance at growing up to live a long, prosperous future!

What you get

  • Upon purchasing the land, you can elect to have the certificate written out to either yourself or someone else, such as a friend or family member.

  • You will receive an official ‘Thank you Letter’, along with a special certificate written out to the honorary land owner.

  • You, or your giftee will receive their very own plot number.

  • Regular updates on the course of the project, including how the land is being used.

  • The ability to say you were able to help give a child an education this Christmas!

certificate example.png

What are we working towards?

At The Kutamani Foundation, we are currently in ‘phase one’ of our Moshi Project, and we have a goal of raising $4,000 to invest in an addiquate space, which will become a fully functioning school, that provides free education to children in Tanzania, who are currently missing out on an education as a result of poverty.

The Kutamani Foundation is a small grassroots organisation, started by two young volunteers who travelled to Tanzania and feel in love with a beautiful country, full of beautiful people. We believe education has the power to change the world, and we want to change the world for as many children as we can, because every child matters.

This Christmas we are asking you to support us, and to do something different to change the world.100% of all out donations go into the project directly!

To read more about the Moshi Project:


Give land today, and make a difference in a child's life!