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Give Teachers the opportunity to transform their communities, this Christmas!

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Why help educate a Teacher?

  • In Tanzania, 60% of all teachers are underqualified. As a result, only 8% of Grade two pupils can read properly.

  • Our program is a capacity building initiative, which enables underqualified teachers, in disadvantaged schools to have the skills and tools to teach effectively.

  • By supporting the teachers first, this translates to thousands more children the opportunity to have an equal, quality education.

  • A child who's born to a mother that can read, is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5.


Gift a Resource Pack - $26

Teachers who attend our program require resources to participate. These items include workbooks, collaborative A3 journals, stationary, guides, textbooks and more.


For only $26, you can gift 1 of our 50 teachers their resources for 2022!

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The 2021 program in action

The 2021 program was greatly successful, with 25 teachers taking part and all continuing on into our 2022 program, with an additional 25 joining!


The key highlights reported by those in the 2021 program included:

- Teachers having a better understanding of classroom and lesson management techniques for large groups of students.

- Teachers expanding their knowledge of different ways to use the local environment and resources to teach literacy skills and activities.

- Teachers who often work individually or in small schools building a network of other local educators to support their work and learning. (they are also attending one another's birthday celebrations in December!)

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