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Get your tickets and be in the draw to win $550 worth of pre-mixed drinks and spirits! 


What you willl win


3 - 10pk mixed UDL

2 -10pk Passionfruit UDL

12 - 4pk Tropical UDL

4 - 4pk Smirnoff Ice Guava

1 bottle of Gordons Sicilian Lemon Gin

1 bottle of Smirnoff Vodka

The raffle will be drawn on the 12th of April 2021

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By purchasing Tickets, you fully acknowledge and agree to the Raffle Terms and Conditions

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Flash sale

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Limited time only, you can get 10 entries to the raffle for only $10! 

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10 entry ($30)

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25 entry ($50)

Beige and Gray Minimalist Quote Instagra

50 entry ($100)

Image by Ibrahim Boran
What are we raising funds for?


At The Kutamani Foundation, we work to fight poverty through education. We are aiming to open our 'Teacher Outreach' Center, which is designed to support and upskill the 60% of underqualified Tecahers in Tanzania. 


We are innovating our approach to supporting education in Tanzania, by working from the top down. There are many organisations which work to get children back into school, but only a handful which work to improve the quality of education provided by supporting and upskilling Teachers.


According to the 2014 examinations, only 8% of grade two pupils in Tanzania, could read properly... As a result, many children are unable to continue with their education, having a significant impact on themselves, their families, and the community.



Our program has three main pillars:


The Course


The Kutamani Foundation is working with 4 qualified educators here in Australia, to develop a ‘Teacher upskill’ program, centred around the pre-primary/standard I - II Tanzanian curriculum and syllabus. The course is specifically designed to target the 60% of under-qualified educators working in average grassroots schools, by delivering a comprehensive program which gives the basic skills and understanding required to be a successful teacher in a local environment. 


The Resource Centre


Through our local center, we will also operate a ‘resource center’, which will be made available to all local educators who seek to utilize the service. The resource center operates on a library system, where teachers can have access to Textbooks, learning resources, books, computers and the internet. 




The final pillar of the program is designed to promote collaboration between teachers, parents and school management. We will coordinate regular meetings, and workshops both within our center and during outreach at local schools, to encourage PL, Teacher planning sessions, management and community engagement sessions and parent/teacher engagement.





"Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

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