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When we met Teacher Glory, she was working in a small, grassroots school, in an underprivileged area, as a Teacher. Despite each day, showing up and working to give as many children as she could, a fair education, she was under-qualified and did not possess the skills to manage a class of 40+ children. The school she was working in was owned and run by a local member who had established the school to provide some form of education to impoverished children in the area. The learning environment was not capable of supporting 40+ children, there were little to no resources, and Teacher Glory had no access to training or support services.
The Teacher Outreach Program aims to transform this development problem, by targeting the root cause of challenges facing access to education in Tanzania. Our program provides a middle ground, professional development, and ongoing support program to underqualified, primary years teachers, working in disadvantaged, grassroots schools in Tanzania. We aim to ensure children have equal access to quality education, so they can continue with their education and ultimately break the cycle of poverty.
We believe every child deserves a fair chance at an education and a fair chance at a future.

Mission and Vision: About Us


Education remains a fundamental building block in each individual's life, and their chances for success, as well as in an entire country's development, both economically and socially. Equal access to education has the power to end the cycle of poverty, and our program is designed to ensure children have the adequate skills to stay in school, so they have the best chance at a future.


We want to help support the next generation of Tanzanians to be incredible leaders, innovators, inventors, thinkers, collaborators and researchers!


According to the 2014 Tanzanian assessments, only 8% of grade two pupils could read properly. Through our programs, we are working to change this.


By focusing on grassroots schools in disadvantaged areas first, we are working to close the gap in access to quality education, as children from these areas are proven to be the least likely to have the opportunity to continue with schooling, forcing many to drop out at age 7 and find work. 


Our programs are designed specifically to encourage and empower Tanzanian education, by upskilling teachers with concepts that are relevant to them, and can be applied in any classroom setting, with locally attainable resources. We do not want to 'Westernise' Tanzanian schooling, we merely want to enrich the work of incredible local teachers.


For every teacher we support, that has the ability to impact over 60 students. 

Mission and Vision: Text
Mission and Vision: Text

Our Core Values

1) Community > Foundation 

At the Kutamani Foundation, we do not consider ourselves to be 'service' to the communities we work in, nor do we believe as outsiders, that we know best. We are partners in the development process. Any initiatives, decisions, or actions we take as an NGO are always led by the opinions and advice of our in-country communities and stakeholders first. 

2) Sustainable, Tanzanian development

We aim to ensure that all our support is designed to be self-sufficient and sustainable within the local community. We do not want our initiatives to upskill teachers in a way in which they must continuously rely on the foundation or 'western resources' for ongoing support. We ultimately want the communities we work in to have systems in place, so they are self-sufficient in teaching and professional development. We believe strongly in empowering the local community and culture, to focus on 'Tanzanian development' not 'westernized development'.

3) Removing 'systematic misconceptions' of the African continent

Ensuring we represent our project and the communities we work with, in a dignified, happy, and prosperous manner is imperative. The project beneficiaries are the true development leaders and changemakers.

Mission and Vision: Text
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