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The Kutamani Foundation at a Glance

The Kutamani Foundation is a small Non-Profit organisation, which works to provide quality education to children affected by poverty in East Africa. Our programs aim to provide professional development and support for the 60% of underqualified grassroot teachers, working in schools around Tanzania. Sustainability, cultural strengthening, relevance to the children, local needs and equality remain the focus of our educational approach. Education is the key driver in good development and the success of every child's individual future

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According to the 2014 examinations, only 8% of grade two pupils in Tanzania, could read properly

We are a small organisation, which focuses on ensuring each child is given a fair opportunity at a future. We plan on easing this issue by: 

Having 100% of donations going directly

Arusha Project

We want to be a catalyst for positive change for both our Teachers, and the local community. We are kickstarting our project, based in Arusha, Tanzania (the home of The Kutamani Foundation!). We will be establishing our 'Teacher Outreach' Center, where we will have a local member running the course, the Resource centre and collaborative sessions!


We can not do what we do without your support. Join The Kutamani Foundation family and sponsor our project directly. Donate now, and share our organisation with family and friends!


Sponsor our Teachers ($25.70 a month)

Sponsor a Teachers education for the the price of only one meal per month

Sponsor our Teachers ($51 a month)

Sponsor a Teachers education for the the same as only one activity per month

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Where does your money go?

We are small, grassroots and very passionate about the work we do. Every dollar directly supports our amazing Teachers and Children

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